EUMBC has produced content and managed projects in more than 20 countries all over the world since 2002. EUMBC delivers products and services globally and across multiple jurisdictions, even within the same project – we are experts within developing and producing specialised communications products and services as well as integrating people and technology to deliver full communications capabilities. We design, build and commission integrated media organisations – and can manage them.

EUMBC’s team of communicators, production specialists and worldwide network of partners includes leading subject matter experts enables us to deliver specialised communications products and services and respond to changing circumstances quickly. We are experts within fast media delivery. EUMBC’s own multimedia production team is able to produce and distribute sophisticated media products rapidly – anywhere in the world.
EUMBC’s past performance and understanding of media operations enables us to give the highest priority to the business requirements that are of highest value to the client.

EUMBC solutions are most often in response to requirements from senior client management and often multi-year and complex.

EUMBC advisory skills are strategy and organisation design that integrates the people, information and technology into fully operational capabilities. By understanding media operations our product and service development builds the connections with audiences that clients want. Most of our advisory activities ultimately relate to reaching audiences.

EUMBC management skills are project delivery, project management and change management.

EUMBC treat each client’s communications or capability requirement as unique and begin with the end in mind, customising solutions to that requirement. EUMBC has the required relationships, partnerships and past performance required to fully support public institutions and firms – and we leverage our network and past performance to help you achieve your objectives.

EUMBC has delivered since 2002.


Since 2002 EUMBC has delivered services and managed projects in more than 20 countries. EUMBC delivers products and services globally and across multiple jurisdictions within the same project – we are experts within developing and producing specialised communications products and services as well as standing up and managing full communications capabilities.

EUMBC’s team of communicators, specialists and worldwide network of partners includes leading subject matter experts enables us to deliver specialised and effective communications products and services and respond to changing circumstances quickly.

Our media operations expertise is integrating technical solutions to deliver modern media operations – and our past performance over the past decade shows that we deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to client requirements.

EUMBC clients come from media industry, telecoms, government, international institutions, defence, online and leisure.

About our Clients

  • EUMBC only advises clients whose business it understands.
  • EUMBC clients are prepared to pay for pragmatic and premier services.
  • EUMBC clients often seek End-to-End solutions; concept through delivery.
  • EUMBC clients have more often than not fallen below the radar of the major consultancy houses.
  • Clients are satisfied that EUMBC rely on experienced business professionals with high résumé value rather than generalists.

Client Testimonial

"We deeply appreciate EUMBC's creative approach to problem solving, your ability to troubleshoot problems and your willingness to find solutions. EUMBC has been a key component of our important work, and more than met business requirement expectations. We recommend your services without hesitation."

– Senior Diplomat, Global Peace & Security Institution

"EUMBC increases teamwork by integrating new and traditional media operations through flat organizations with peer review that then designs and delivers cost effective media and television platforms globally; and this especially in emerging economies where multimedia penetration and access to information is growing exponentially. I can only give EUMBC my highest recommendations for any project."

– Board Director, European Capital Group


EUMBC Services
EUMBC services help clients in must-win situations. Our digital execution and project management skills enable us to establish communications capabilities or change existing capabilities to adapt to the current environment or to operate at different capacities. Our approach can be End-to-End, from initial requirement to a fully operational End State that aligns with final client requirements.

EUMBC clients rely on our understanding about how people, information and technology combine to produce unique outcomes – built on more than a decade delivering real-life communications and leading edge communications projects in many countries across the world.

EUMBC services are grouped around three main product sets – Communications, Advisory and Management services.

CLIENT CASE: Setting Up & Turning On

An international institution approached EUMBC in 2013 to help stand up a communications capability that would help grow awareness about their mission and vision in 20+ countries. Following initial business requirement analysis including reviewing existing functionalities, our budget was entirely devoted to a programme of fast media production, training and technology services - launched within weeks from contract signature, approved communications products were distributed to senior government officials and other stakeholders from multiple countries. Core digital assets are being crafted into an array of media products to be distributed to several specific target audiences across several countries and versioned in several languages. EUMBC digital execution and technology deployment means that all content will be available on all technical and device platforms – and our Team Level training means that our client will be able to continue growing the capability.


Content Services – Digital execution including television production and international distribution. Our experience spans planning and establishing full-spectrum Content Services, this including news content production and operations (deep specialisation, including all editorial aspects); documentary production; entertainment programming conception through production and distribution; and corporate content services.

Content Distribution – A further deep EUMBC specialisation is establishing and managing content distribution. Our expertise and experience of developing and managing digital multiplatform distribution of TV, Web and Mobile content will assist your organisation in leveraging your media assets cost efficiently. We deliver metrics throughout.

Online Media – Solutions include Web TV services, online gaming, SMS services and broadband TV services. EUMBC has successfully conceived, planned and deployed several interactive and cross platform digital media solutions, including bespoke software solutions. Our rates are always determined well in advance and clients will never experience any "surprising" invoices.


EUMBC’s Advisory Services are grounded in past performance projects that integrate people, information and technology into fully operational capabilities. Understanding modern media operations including workflows enables EUMBC to inform and lead media product and service development and ultimately connect with audiences in a credible way.

EUMBC’s media and communications past performance and insight allows us to manage complexity and drive performance improvements – whether product complexity, organisational complexity or process complexity.

EUMBC Strategy Services set up forward thinking by provoking idea generation and identifying critical decisions necessary for executing the strategy. We focus on identifying opportunities and review future perspectives while providing in-depth and pragmatic management support. We help middle management fully understand the rationale and context behind a new direction and enable them to work in concert rather than at cross purposes – and rally the organisation behind the changes.

Our rates are always determined well in advance and clients will never experience any "surprising" invoices.


EUMBC Management Services are explicitly focused on project delivery for assignments where EUMBC understands the "big picture" and operational priorities.

EUMBC can provide interim senior executive leadership, program executives, as well as project management and transformation management – anywhere in the world, including in austere environments. Management Services are premised on arranging internal meetings to an agreed schedule and reporting schedule. EUMBC may propose work or respond to your proposals. EUMBC structures assignment preparation and delivery using internationally recognised project management methodologies at three levels: Project, Stage and Team level.

Our rates are always determined well in advance and clients will never experience any 'surprising' invoices.


EUMBC Partners
Partnerships, joint ventures and strategic alliances have to date provided the options that EUMBC required.

Partnering is part of our strategy and we engage quickly if we firmly believe competitive advantage can be enhanced in any activity area in which we are already engaged. A considerable part of what we do is attributable to active alliances we maintain within media technology, specialist consultancy services and recruitment - Teaming Agreements and long-term subcontractor arrangements will continue contributing to deepening our competitive foundation.

If you believe that your organisation can contribute to EUMBC’s Services and are interested in exploring an alliance with EUMBC please contact us.

Teaming is part of our operational strategy at EUMBC


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